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End of the line

Rail Safety National Law (South Australia) (Miscellaneous No 4) Amendment Bill Second Reading Adjourned debate on second reading (resumed on motion). Mr TRELOAR (Flinders) (15:39): I rise today to take the opportunity to contribute to this very important bill. I note that many of the contributions thus far have been broad ranging. Mine also will […]

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Wild dog numbers threaten Ag industry

More funding is needed to control wild dogs in South Australia, with an increase in dog numbers posing a threat to the State’s pastoral industry. The situation has become desperate, and we need more money to protect our sheep industry in South Australia. Wild dogs, or dingoes, are a declared pest south of the Dog […]

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Putting Ag policies on the table

I am no stranger to pushing the barrow for agriculture. As a farmer for 30-odd years before entering State Parliament, I know how vital it is to be competitive and efficient in a world-wide market. Any regulations that impact on that efficiency are detrimental to us as producers. This is why the State Liberal Party […]

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