An ANZAC Day to remember

As we approach one of the most significant days in our calendar, people around Australia, New Zealand, and indeed the world, are deciding how they will best recognise ANZAC Day 2020.  

Social distancing imperatives and a ban on public gatherings due to COVID-19 means April 25 this year will be like no other.  

For the first time since 1919, when many ANZAC Day functions were cancelled due to the Spanish Flu outbreak, services around the country will not be open to the general public, nor will the traditional ANZAC Day marches take place. 

However, many of the towns here on Eyre Peninsula will still be holding an event of sorts, generally with just a few Australian Defence Force veterans attending the traditional dawn service. 

For most though, other options are in the offing. People can tunin to local radio or television broadcasts and/or pay respects from their front gate. 

At a moment when we pause to remember all those who have served and recognise the freedoms we enjoy as a result of sacrifices made, it’s also timely we also reflect on the current health crises sweeping the globe and its impact on our lives. 

We are all affected in many ways by the Coronavirus pandemic, but we will come through, as we always have. 

On ANZAC Day 2020 – ‘We will remember them’. 

Lest we forget. 

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