Another week, another power outage

The State Liberals have slammed the repeated power failures on the Eyre Peninsula as third world and will lead a delegation seeking an urgent meeting about the problem with Premier Jay Weatherill.

Member for Flinders Peter Treloar and State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall will join Eyre Peninsula mayors at the emergency meeting with the Premier.

Power was out in Thevenard yesterday and across large portions of the Eyre Peninsula in the busy lead-up to Christmas.

“Jay Weatherill needs to explain why there have been six black-outs in three months on the West Coast and what he intends to do about it,” Mr Treloar said.

“The power situation on the Eyre Peninsula is now a threat to the health of vulnerable residents in the region.

“An extended black-out in the middle of a sweltering summer heat wave could have disastrous consequences for local communities.

“Since the closure of the Port Augusta Power Station, the Eyre Peninsula and West Coast have been plagued by power black-outs and sky high electricity problems.

“As a result of the Weatherill Government’s failed power policies South Australia has the most expensive and least reliable power in the country.

“The viability of many businesses have been placed at risk by power crisis that has gripped the Eyre Peninsula.

“I would like to thank the service crews for the work they undertake to restore power during often difficult conditions but I also want answers about the long term maintenance program and upkeep of the transmission lines.

“It is particularly concerning that the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria will make the situation worse.”



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  1. John on February 2, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Some real facts regarding environmental issues gathered from the internet.
    Electrical energy changed society. It made food easier to produce, created healthier environments and made it a safer place.
    It allowed the invention of many labour saving devices in the home and factories and the food we grow.
    It allowed women to be freed from the drudgery of washing clothes and to be able to join the workforce if they wished.
    While the green environmental dream of solar power and wind power remains, we are going to go backwards if we intend to rely on these.
    The Tasmanian power crisis existed due to the almost criminal behavior by their greedy power corporations selling green Hydro power for subsidised (now removed) carbon credits,
    draining their lakes. Their scientists must have mistakenly forecast normal rain periods.
    We depend on energy in every facet of our lives, as without it we would go back to poverty.
    Manufacturing Batteries for power as a remedy, has seen pollution in China decimate huge towns and areas where nothing can grow or live.
    China can sell lithium cheaply was because it widely ignores environmental safeguards during the mining process.
    Electric cars use more energy when being manufactured, and still depend largely on coal fired power stations.
    While some say its the way to go, its a dream to say they are environmentally friendly.
    The materials used to make this subsidised transport waste more energy than can ever be recovered
    when driving these. Consider India and China as they come out of a poverty stricken economy.
    They will also want modern cars. According to another Argonne National Laboratory report,
    if a plug-in hybrid charges from coal-generated electricity, it could be responsible for emitting up to 10 percent more
    greenhouse gasses than a conventional vehicle and up to 60 percent more than a standard hybrid.
    If we wish to go green , we need some common sense, and not unscientific money making scams.
    The issue of clean coal must be understood from the viewpoint of inventing a perpetual motion machine.

    That it is impossible. The Solar and wind power industry prides itself on generation so called clean power.

    BUT if you look at the methods of manufacturing, (see links below) and the amount of pollution in China created in manufacturing these things

    (I could also call them sound polluting bird killing machines) you will start to understand that the pollution generated is just as bad.

    In the real world ideals dont rule. They cannot. To do this you would need to be the creator, in who I dont believe.

    Backup power, salt storage and battery power just cannot cut it. The areas needed for usable backup batteries is so huge it also overcomes

    reality. Storage density for batteries is low, compared to petrol, and the use of electrical cars will overload any such so called environmental

    system meaning only a few EPA lovers with their heads in the clouds will drive them, gloriously oblivious that they are not helping the planet at all.

    Your article>

    Rare Earth pollution >

    Rare Earth pollution >
    It’s really Green? It’s really imposible :

    • Aimee Pedler on February 24, 2017 at 1:07 pm

      John, thank for your thoughts. Energy is obviously a big issues we are all trying to deal with. Thank you for taking the time to put forward your ideas. Regards Peter

  2. John_Oh on February 2, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    PS the previous post was sent to an ABC journalist not fully aware of technolgy and the reality of clean coal. Cleaner coal is the way to go and while not perfetc, its certainly better than al lthe scam filled subsisted new ideal being installed….