Bignell embarrasses his Cabinet

Labor backbencher Leon Bignell has admitted that the Rann Government has failed to engage with rural and regional communities over the last nine years.

“Mr Bignell’s embarrassing admission that Labor doesn’t have

“a very clear picture” of regional SA, has left his fellow MPs in the ministry red-faced,” Liberal Member for Flinders Peter Treloar said today.

“It’s refreshing to hear a Labor MP be upfront about the Government’s city-centric attitude, but it’s also a clear sign of division within the Labor Party and reveals a disgruntled backbench.

“The reality is only one Labor MHA represents a regional electorate (Lyn Breuer – Giles), so it’s no wonder that there’s little understanding of the regions and country people amongst the Labor Ministry.

“In stark contrast, the Liberal Party is a Party of broad representation across regional South Australia and metropolitan Adelaide.

“The State Liberals will continue to remind the Government that regional SA is entitled to equivalent basic services as our city cousins, and we’ll also continue to argue the case that regional and rural areas make a significant contribution to the State’s economy.”

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