Ceduna Fruit- fly nightshift reinstated

 An absurd decision to scrap the fruit fly detection nightshift at Ceduna has been deferred by the State Government until June 2011.

The initial decision made by the Minister for Agriculture Michael O’Brien has now been exposed as poorly thought-out, and did not consider the risks to the State’s fruit and agriculture industries, Liberal Member for Flinders Peter Treloar said today.

“I find it very disappointing that the Minister hasn’t reversed his decision completely – he’s only said that the Government will talk with industry about cost-sharing arrangements.

“This just shows that they’ve lost control of the State’s finances when they’re looking to shut down an important quarantine checkpoint as a cost-cutting exercise.

“Perhaps if the Minister wasn’t so distracted by internal Labor Party matters, he wouldn’t have made this downright stupid decision in the first place.

“Obviously the outcry from the nightshift workers themselves, the local council, and the Opposition has forced the Minister’s hand on this issue, so it’s a win for commonsense.

“But we now need a guarantee that SA’s quarantine regime won’t be compromised after June of next year.

“The State Liberals will keep the pressure on the Government so that the Ceduna quarantine checkpoint remains a critical battleground against fruit fly and other bio-security threats.”

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