EP Link to power jobs now and into the future

The construction of a new $300 million electricity transmission link from Cultana to Port Lincoln will ensure more reliable power for the Eyre Peninsula and create hundreds of new jobs.

“This important investment will reduce the possibility of a repeat of the state-wide blackout in 2016 when 10,000 homes on the Eyre Peninsula were without power for several days,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“Eyre Peninsula Link will create jobs during the construction phase, jobs from new investment in renewable energy projects and jobs in the local economy from having more secure power supplies.”

Eyre Peninsula Link involves the construction of a new, double-circuit 132 kV transmission line from Cultana to Port Lincoln, via Yadnarie, with the ability to upgrade the Cultana to Yadnarie section to 275 kV at a later date.

Member for Flinders Peter Treloar welcomed the investment in the Eyre Peninsula’s electricity network and the benefits it will be bring to the local community.

“The Eyre Peninsula’s existing high-voltage power line has served the Eyre Peninsula for 50 years and the new capacity will serve the region for the next 50 years,” said Peter Treloar.

“The new investment reduces our reliance on backup diesel generation in Port Lincoln and brings security of supply for Eyre Peninsula into line with other regions of South Australia.

“I’m pleased that ElectraNet listened to the community feedback and will build the transmission link along the same corridor of the existing infrastructure.

“As a consequence, the route chosen has the best outcome from an environmental, cultural, social and land use criteria.”

The project will add about $1 annually to a ‘typical residential power bill’.


05-20 Eyre Peninsula transmission upgrade

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