Liberal MP’s visit Port Lincoln

 Port Lincoln will play host to the South Australian Parliamentary Liberal Party next week as part of the State Opposition’s conference starting Monday.

This reaffirms the Leader of the Opposition Isobel Redmond’s commitment to the regions and will also involve a meeting of her senior members of Shadow Cabinet on Monday.

The three day conference will focus on issues of importance to the Eyre Peninsula and West Coast, with the Opposition receiving briefings from local stakeholders on Country Health, mining in the region, agriculture, and the local seafood industry.

“I’m delighted Isobel Redmond and the rest of my colleagues are visiting the electorate and are giving regional issues the prominence they deserve,” Liberal Member for Flinders Peter Treloar said.

“During this conference we will be discussing how Country Health services have been rundown by the Rann government.

“The seafood industry is the lifeblood of a town like Lincoln, so we’re pleased to have a number of people from the different seafood industries engage in a forum with the Liberal Parliamentary team on Tuesday.

“We will be talking about the enormous mining potential here and our plans for ensuring the mining industry grows, prospers and contributes to the State’s economy.

“Industry representatives will provide briefings during the conference on the agricultural sector, another area ignored by the citycentric Labor government.

“I think it’s really important for Members of Parliament to visit the Eyre Peninsula and engage with the local community on important policy matters, and we’ll continue to listen and respond.

“Our region is one of the engine rooms of the State’s economy, with agriculture and aquaculture providing a hefty slice of our export income. The Rann government just doesn’t get it when it comes to reinvesting back into the regions.”

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