Lincoln Emergency Services blowout

 Port Lincoln’s new emergency services facility has blown out by $1.4 million, due to a “serious breach of authority” by the State Government’s project management team.

Minister for Emergency Services Michael Wright yesterday revealed that the Crown Solicitor’s Government Investigations Unit would investigate management of the new Country Fire Service, State Emergency Service, and Metropolitan Fire Service co-located facility, Member for Flinders Peter Treloar said today.

“This is State Labor’s answer to the Julia Gillard Memorial School Halls’ fiasco, Mr Treloar said.

“Minister Wright even made explicit reference to the “commonwealth stimulus package and Building the Education Revolution” as an excuse for the “cost pressures” associated with the Port Lincoln emergency services facility cost blowout.

“The Minister needs to explain why this project has blown out by such a huge amount.”

“At a time when the Government is slashing public sector jobs and workers’ entitlements, and splashing cash on pet projects in Puglia, taxpayers would be outraged to learn of a million dollar blowout in a straightforward building project.

Under Opposition questioning in the examination of the Auditor-General’s Report, the Minister also blamed the blowout on “payment of locality allowance for construction personnel”.

“Why weren’t local construction workers used for this important project to the region?” Mr Treloar said.

“This shows the city-centric attitude of the Government that they won’t use skilled local workers which would make more sense financially as well.

“The findings of the Government Investigations Unit of the Crown Solicitor’s Office must be made public when the investigation is completed.

“Financial mismanagement is the hallmark of this Government and is why they can’t be trusted.”

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