No bright spark for EP energy woes

A costly plan to secure reliable energy in South Australia does not consider Eyre Peninsula’s position.

That is according to Member for Flinders Peter Treloar, who says there is nothing in the Weatherill Government’s recent policy announcement that indicates the bulk of EP will be any better off.

“There is nothing to say EP’s electricity supply will be any more consistent or cheaper for consumers,” Mr Treloar said.

“Eyre Peninsula’s supply problems pre-date the September blackout, so we are unique in that sense.

“The elaborate and costly plan still doesn’t address the capacity or reliability of the grid.”

Having forced the closure of 540 megawatts of cheap, base load power at Port Augusta, the Weatherill Government is now proposing to spend $360 million on 250 megawatts of standby power.

“Nowhere in his plan is the problem of SA’s lack of cheap base load generation addressed,” Mr Treloar said.

“We also remain in the dark over the future reliability of our local back-up generators here in Port Lincoln, and are constantly ignored when it comes to local generation or storage capacity.

“I think consideration should be given to local generation capacity.

“Reliable back-up generators are vital and there is no guarantee that they will work today, next week, or next month.

“We need assurance that they will work.”

No bright spark for EP energy woes

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