Producers battling rising mouse numbers

Mouse numbers have reached plague proportions in some parts of the Eyre Peninsula, with producers crying out for Government support with control measures such as baiting.

“This poses environmental and social problems for farming communities, on top of the financial burden of purchasing baits,” Liberal Member for Flinders Peter Treloar said.

“High mouse numbers have been a frequent occurrence over the last few seasons, with many farmers finding it increasingly costly to bait.

“The Natural Resources Management Boards currently provide advice to landowners on keeping mouse numbers under control, but they could take on a more active role in managing mouse numbers if they were given Departmental support.

“Under the Natural Resources Management Act, mice are not a species declared for control. However, the Act is quite clear in its intent to provide for:

‘…the prevention or control of impacts caused by pest species of animals and plants that may have an adverse effect on the environment, primary production or the community…’

“Clearly any reasonable person would acknowledge that mice are a ‘pest species of animals’ which cause environmental problems and adversely affect primary producers and communities.

“With the advent of ‘no till farming’ and stubble retention, the sources of food for mice have increased and this is reflected in the frequency of plague-like seasons.”

“I call on the Department of Primary Industries and Resources (PIRSA), in conjunction with the Natural Resources Management Boards, to assist landowners with control measures, which will ultimately benefit the environment and the State’s agricultural sector.”

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