Question marks over Marine Parks Council appointments

Serious questions have been raised over the Minister for Environment’s judgement in relation to appointments made to the Marine Parks Council of South Australia.

Only two members of the nine member Council are from the Eyre Peninsula & West Coast, despite the fact that

10 of the 19 marine parks are off the coast of Eyre Peninsula.

“The Minister needs to explain to the people of the Eyre Peninsula and West Coast why they’re not getting fair representation on the Marine Parks Council,” Liberal Member for Flinders Peter Treloar said today.

“The previous Marine Parks Councillors’ terms finished on 21 May this year according to the Government’s Boards and Committees listing.

“Only one member was reappointed. So it begs the question, why only one reappointment?

“Was it because that particular appointment is a Departmental officer from within DENR, or was it because the retiring members were so disenchanted with the process?

“The Minister needs to be transparent about these appointments and assure South Australians that dissenting voices on the Council weren’t dismissed on the basis of that dissent.

“There’s a perception out there, in the commercial and recreational fishing sectors especially, that the people over here are being ignored in this whole process of establishing the management plans.

“Local advisory groups have worked extraordinarily hard in developing their proposals and we need to know this work has not been in vain.”

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