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Ag machinery transport on 2015 agenda

Member for Flinders Peter Treloar has commended the work of the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia and Primary Producers SA as they continue to push the Government to improve the agricultural machinery transport regime.


“In late 2014 I attended a meeting between PPSA, Ag Bureau representatives and PIRSA and DPTI officers, which focused on transport issues facing farmers, particularly around the Code of Practice for agricultural vehicles on public roads,” Mr Treloar said.


“The feedback from farmers is that the Government needs to seriously consider some quite reasonable changes which would make it simpler and more cost-effective to transport machinery and implements.


“For example, night-time spraying is essential for many farming operations, therefore night travel restrictions should be looked at as part of any sensible review of agricultural transport, along with the effective use of escort vehicles.”


“There are also concerns about restrictive rules about the length, width and weight of equipment which is crucial in any modern farming business.


“The Code of Practice for Oversize or Overmass Agricultural Vehicles was released in 2008, so it is timely to review some of the specific load limits, as technology and equipment have obviously advanced since that time. It is critical that our farmers are able to be as efficient as possible and not be bound up in red-tape and bureaucracy.”


“I would like to reiterate my support for the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia and Primary Producers SA as they work through these issues.


“The fact that there’s an ongoing dialogue between the industry and PIRSA and DPTI is encouraging, and I would hope that we see some improvements in this area in 2015.”



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