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Fire and Emergency Services

Fire and Emergency Services (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill

Referred to Select Committee

Mr TRELOAR (Flinders) (17:47): I move:

That the bill be referred to a select committee with the terms of reference as follows—

(a) to examine clause 23—amendment to section 82—power to direct; and

(b) to give consideration to the views of all relevant stakeholders.

I am very pleased to move this. Obviously, as has been highlighted, questions have been raised in relation to the proposed changes, particularly to section 82. As this select committee takes evidence in the coming weeks and months, all stakeholders will have the opportunity to consider this amendment, particularly in relation to the current code of practice as it operates.

Motion carried.

Mr TRELOAR: I move:

That a committee be appointed consisting of Mr Basham, Mr Teague, Mr Hughes, Mr Bignell and the mover.

Motion carried.

Mr TRELOAR: I move:

That the committee have power to send for persons, papers and records, to adjourn from place to place, and that the committee report on 19 March 2019.

Motion carried.


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