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I am unable to vote on election day, Saturday, March 17. What are my options?

Your early vote may be cast at the early voting centre at TAFE, 2 London St, Port Lincoln, from March 5. Alternatively, if you’ve sent a postal vote application to the Electoral Commission, you’ll soon receive your ballot papers in the mail. For more information, contact the Electoral Commision SA at

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Can I view the electoral roll?

No. We are an electorate office, not an electoral office. You can view the roll at any Electoral Commission office. The closest electoral office is in Port Augusta, at the Northern Gateway Shopping Centre. Or you could visit the office in Adelaide, at Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide. For more information, contact the Australian […]

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How do I enrol to vote?

To enrol to vote or update your details, complete the online form at It is compulsory for all eligble Australian citizens over the age of 18 to enrol to vote. You can enrol at 16 years of age for federal purposes and at 17 for State purposes, but you cannot vote until you are […]

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